Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hair cuts!

So, lately I've let my hair get a bit too long. I really haven't known what to do with it, so I've done nothing. Its gotten really long though - pretty much unmanagable. I think because my mom felt sorry for me (with the whole crappiness of our lives lately) that she suprised me by making an appointment for a hair cut - all expenses paid. On Saturday, I headed over for the appointment. I told the girl that I really didn't even care how she cut it - that I just needed to get some lenght off and to have an "updated" cut that was easy to style. Here's the before pictures (that are crappy because Ben didn't want to get off the couch and miss more of some stupid football game than he had to). See how long it was in the back.
Here's the front picutre - again, just about the more horrible picture of myself that there ever was.
Here's the front view of the after view. She didn't style it at all. I'm sure once I mess around with it and fix it a bit my hair will look so cute.
Here's the back view. She took so much hair off - I think about 9 inches. But I love it. My hair grows so quickly though - it will be long again before I know it.

Gracelin loved my new hair. She told me that I looked prettier than she ever thought I could - she didn't even think I was her mommy. She decided that she wanted to get her hair cut too. She's only ever had one hair cut in her entire life, and that was almost 18 months ago. Her hair was really long and in desperate need of cutting. But, since we're poor right now, and couldn't justify paying for a hair cut, we decided that we'd donate her hair. Great Clips will cut your hair for free if you donate to Locks of Love - but it takes a minimum donation of 10 inches to do that. Gracelin didn't care though - she loved the thought that her hair was going to help a little girl who didn't have any hair of her own.

So, off we went.

Here's the before pics:
And here's the after pics. I really wish I'd taken a camera to the salon, because G was oh-so cute. There was a man in there who was flirting with her, calling her a princess and such, and she was eating it all up. We decided to do a low-maintenance A-line cut, and it really suits her face shape. She's gorgous. After her cut, she had to call Aunt Jen, Grandma and Daddy to tell them she had a secret for them. She wanted to wait and tell them how cute she was, but couldn't help but blurt it out on the phone. She told Grandma that she looked like a 6-year-old!

The front view - so sophisticated!
Here's the back view. She loves how it feels, and keeps touching her hair.
This one is just for cuteness - aren't my girls precious!


Jess T said...

Love love love the new dos!

Megan said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircuts!! (As stated on VS in more detail.. hehe.)

Yes, your girls are precious, but more importantly they are GORGEOUS!! Bryn is losing her baby look! You really have beautiful children!

On a totally non-related subject.. might I say how fabulous you are looking! All that running has paid off & I can see results, can you?

Chelsea said...

Ditto what Megan said, you look terrific! And Gracelin's pretty cute too. :)

pithydithy said...

Great new cuts! Gracelin's is just adorable! And your're looking great!

The Rose Family said...

Hey Christie! I love your haircuts! About the marathon- you'll do just fine. I'd only run 14.5 miles once before my marathon and I survived. Of course, I was SOOOO sore the next 2 weeks, so I don't recommend that. Our marathon is Nov 10th and my farthest so far is 13 miles too. If I were you, I'd try for about 16-17 miles in a long run and then call it good. The day of the race, you'll be so pumped up that the first 10 miles will fly by anyway, so you'll do great!!! My hubby ran St George and he said it was an awesome course. That's the one you're doing, right? Good luck!

Tiburon said...

Christie - I am LOVING your new haircut. I hadn't realized how long it was - last time I saw you it was pulled up. It looks AWESOME! And so does G's - I agree - very sophisticated!

Jan said...

What a beautiful family you have -- love the haircuts!