Monday, April 09, 2007

The past few days

I've been lax at updating this weekend.  But, we had a busy few days, and I'd like to update a bit.  How about a recap:
Thursday:  Ben's birthday
Ben turned 30, and had the day off.  He spent the morning hiking [url=]Mount Olympus[/url].  I'd arranged for him to spend the afternoon at my [url=]favorite day spa[/url] for a massage.  I was somewhat worried that he wouldn't enjoy the massage, but he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his time at the spa.  I don't know why I was worried - who doesn't enjoy a bit of pampering? 
I arranged for a baby sitter for the girls, and I took him to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  Not the fanciest place, but it was what he was in the mood for.  I mentioned to our server that it was his birthday, so as we were finishing up our dinner, she brought a stool with a saddle on top over to our table.  She told him to "saddle up" and then shined a light on him while we wished him a "yeehaw" for his birthday.  I think I was more embarassed than he was though.  It was a fun night.
We were finished with dinner by 7:30, and had the sitter until 9 - but we couldn't think of anywhere to go.  We drove around for awhile, and ended up at my sister and BIL's house.  After chatting with them for awhile, we headed home.  We've gotten boring in our old age.
Saturday - hike with the girls:
And wouldn't you know it - my camera batteries were dead.  We hiked to the Bell Canyon reservoir - its only about a mile to the lake, but steep enough when carrying a large baby on my back.  About ? way up, the trail crosses over the stream.  Bryn loved the water, and kept saying "wow".  Gracelin kept saying that she wanted to walk, but since the trail was steep and rocky we kept telling her she needed to stay put.  Finally, Ben got tired of hearing her ask (and probably tired of carrying her too) so he stopped and let her hike.  She did amazing, and made it the rest of the way to the lake by herself. 
Although the water level was low, the girls loved the lake.  G couldn't get enough of throwing rocks into the water, and Bryn wanted to swim with the ducks (or "quack quacks" as she calls them).  It was a nice warm day, and very peaceful at the lake.  I could have sat there listening to the water rush into the lake, and the ducks and geese "quacking" and "honking" for a very long time.  Apparently the girls felt the same way - poor Bryn sobbed "bye quack quack" as we packed her back up.  G insisted on hiking down, so we let her try.  She actually made it down the entire way.  At one point near the bottom she took a tumble.  I asked her if she was ok, and she proclaimed that she hurt her elbow, knee, bum-bum, leg and back, but she was ok.  And continued to keep on hiking.  She's a tough little girl.
Easter Sunday:
Since our families live so close to one another, we split our time between them this year.  The day started with the girls waking up to find that the Easter Bunny had visited.  I got them books, bubbles, and balls (alliteration theme unintentional).  Then we got dressed in their cute, matching princess dresses (I'll try to attach pics, but I'm not sure if it will work) and headed to church.  After a church and a quick nap, we headed first to my parents' house and then Ben's for the Easter frenzy.  G got dessert at both places, and loved the chocolate pie.  Bryn just loved all the attention.  It was a fun day.

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