Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm getting brave . . .

. . . I signed up for a race! My brother and his friend are coming into town next week, and he convinced me to register for a race with them. Its *just* a 5k, but I'm a bit nervous. I have known for awhile that I want to run a 5k - but all along I was thinking that I'd give my body 6 months to adjust before I tried anything competitive. But, I couldn't tell him no.

I registered last week, and them promptly jumped on the treadmill to see if I even could run 3.1 miles. Guess what? I did it. I ran slowly, trying not to push myself and risk injury. And I finished in 40:24. Not a quick pace by any stretch. But I know that I could have pushed it a bit. So, I should at least finish. My goal is to not have to walk.

I'm also doing a weight-loss contest with some of my friends. We all put $20 into a pot, and the winner (one who loses the most pounds) gets all the money. Quite the incentive. We even emailed "before" pictures, along with the picture of the scale showing our starting weight, to the girl overseeing the contest. Boy was that embarrassing. I can only hope that my "after" pictures look much more attractive. LOL

I do plan on winning the contest. I know that seems like quite the lofty goal since I've been the same exact weight for the past 8 weeks. But I think that I'm finally to the point with my running that I'm going to start dropping the weight. My mileage is to the point where it has to be burning significant calories. 3 miles a day is down one pound every 10 days.

I've really been good about my food intake too. I've stuck to my no sugar rule (other than one sinful piece of apple pie). And, I've given up soda. I slowly weaned myself over the past 2 weeks, and today I drank my last one. Its only water to drink for me from here on out. Maybe some herbal tea if I'm feeling like a splurge.

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Megan said...

Great job!! Aren't you inspiring? Good luck with the race!! I can't wait to hear how it goes, & to hear your results during the weight loss contest!