Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I love my kids, but . . .

. . . they're going to be the death of me. If I don't die of embarrassment, I'm sure something else will do me in.

G is at the age right now where she's bound to say something that makes me want to hide my face. For example, what she did to me on Sunday: We had barely sat down in the pew at church when she announced that she had to go potty. So, I took her. But, she insisted on going herself. I stood outside and held the door. She had a bit of difficulty maneuvering herself and her fru-fru Easter dress, and ended up peeing on herself and the floor. I cleaned up the floor, then ran her home to change clothes. We were back at church only 15 minutes late, but a few minutes later, she had to go again. This time Daddy took her. After she was finished, she came running back to tell me, in her loudest almost-3-year-old voice "I didn't pee on the floor this time!" I could hear snickers coming from 3 rows back.

And then there are the embarrassing things she does while playing. The girls got several rubber duckies for Easter this year, and ended up with 2 big ones and several little ones - naturally a mommy, daddy, and babies. I watched her playing innocently. She'd lined them up, and was pushing them as they "swam" across the kitchen floor. So sweet. Then I watched as she picked up a pencil and began stabbing the big blue ducky. I asked her what was going on, and she told me "the mommy duck is mad at the daddy duck, so she's killing him with this pencil!" Ahhh! I hope she doesn't play like that at daycare. People are going to start to wonder what goes on at our house.

Oh, and did I mention a few weeks ago, when I was signing the girls in at daycare. G asked me if I'd remembered to wear my panties that day. The director peeked around the corner and laughed (I'm sure wondering if I often forgot my panties).

I guess being the mommy of a preschooler means lots of embarrassing moments. Good thing she's such a sweetie.


LisserB said...

Oh my! The things I get to look forward too! So, do you forget your panties often??



KK's Mom said...

This made me laugh out loud! : ) My daughter said "Ho Ho Ho!" to a man in line at the post office - only because he had a white beard (but otherwise looked nothing like Santa). I could have died. More embarrasing moments are right around the corner for us, I'm sure. Eeek!

Cute stories, thanks for sharing them!