Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brynlee is one year old!

Brynlee's birthday was a week ago today. I feel like such a bad mommy for still not posting about it. Things have just been crazy. But I'm making up for that now. Here's what she's doing at one year old:

Bryn is pretty much walking, although she doesn't do it very often. She has the skills and abilities, but prefers to crawl for some reason. Each day though, it seems that she takes a few more steps. So, I'm sure its only a matter of time before she's running all over the place.

I think her favorite thing to do right now is make a mess - and she can completely trash a room in just a few minutes. She loves to pull all of her toys and books out, or to completely empty a kitchen cupboard (I have 2 that are full of just kid stuff). Meal times are always disasters. Bryn loves to throw her food and/or to squish it all over everything. I'm so glad we don't have carpet under our kitchen table. I have to sweep and wipe down the floor after every meal. At last my floor stays clean.

Bryn is becoming very vocal, and can say so many words. I got a few on video over the weekend - maybe I'll post that video tonight. She still calls me Dad, but she says it really well! She also says Gracie, uh-oh, cat, hi, bye, baby, kids, thank you, tick-tick (for tickle), kiss, hug, awwww (when she gives hugs) and e-i-e-i-o. She loves to sing Old McDonald Had A Farm, and she jumps in with "yi yi oh" at the appropriate times.

I've also totally bottle weaned her. She had a few rough days at daycare, but has come through it all just fine. She eats solids so well, and constantly seems to be hungry. She also still nurses once in the morning, right before bed, and when she wakes in the night (yes, we are STILL having night wakings). Which, is actually getting old. Mommy really would like a full night of sleep. Last night I just decided to let her CIO. After wailing for about 15 minutes, she woke everyone in the house. And of course the crying scared G, so I had 2 crying kids at 4am. Nice. So I ended up having to put her back to bed, while Daddy contended with an ornery (almost) 3 year old.

Bryn continues to be such a sweetie. She loves to give hugs and kisses, and to get them in return. She is also compassionate. The other day, her big sister fell down and was crying. Bryn was the first one on scene to hug and kiss the tears away. It was the sweetest thing. I just love my big girl.

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