Wednesday, November 17, 2004

She finally showed

My dear old Aunt Flo that is. Today is cycle day 56 (or #1 I suppose) and 20+ days past ovulation. It is about time the old had showed. I am feeling crappy too - lots of cramps.

But, I am pretty excited. My hubby doesn't have to work tonight, and I don't have any obligations either. He has been working a second job, trying to redeem himself for racking up a $2,000 balance on his credit card without telling me (lets just say I was less than happy considering we had decided that we wouldn't use credit cards). He works at the movie theatre downtown, called the Gateway. He doesn't mind it too much. He can see all the free movies that he wants, and they have screenings the day before the movie is released to the general public. He can take me and Gracelin too! Besides, he gets to see lots of celebrities. Last weekend, he saw Avril Lavine, Elizabeth Smart, lots of Utah Jazz Players, and MATT DAMON (can you tell I'm jealous about that one?)

Ok - I think I have digressed. I was trying to talk about how I am excited to actually see my DH awake and spend some time together. And, wouldn't you know that Aunt Flo is here, so he won't be getting any lovin'. Poor guy!

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