Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008

Fist things first: Pictures of my New Year's babies. Aren't they so cute? We had lots of fun at Aunt A's New Year's/Uncle M's birthday party. Of course we had the kids home in bed by 10:30, but it was great fun! Ben and I rung in the new year while playing a bit of xbox.

With the new year, I suppose its time for my annual list of resolutions - many of which look very similar to other resolutions I've made in the past. Maybe my first resolution this year should be to keep my resolutions, so that next year I have a new list. I think I'll post a monthly report of my progress to help keep me honest. Anyway, here goes:

My resolutions:

1. diet and exercise: I would still like to lose about 25 pounds. Starting next week, I'm going to be competing in Tiburon's Biggest Loser 3 Contest. I actually competed in BL1 and BL2, losing about 25 pounds over the course of roughly 8 months - and in the past 8 weeks, I've gained almost 20 pounds back (not something I'm proud of). I need the motivation. Although the contest doesn't start until next week, I'm technically starting today by swearing off sugar and soda, my 2 biggest vices. Wish me luck!

As far as exercise, I plan to compete in our exercise challenge at work, and I'm going for the gold - in order to complete the challenge, I have to work-out a minimum of 60 minutes per day, 5 times a week, for 3 months. If I succeed, I will get a $20 gift certificate. I also want to keep running. In 2007, I started the Couch to 5k in 9 Weeks plan, and now I run several times a week. I would like to be running 20 miles per week on average.

2. run more races: I don't know if I plan to run a full marathon this year (training takes so much time with small kids), but that doesn't mean I haven't been dreaming about running the Mayor's Marathon, that takes place in Anchroage Alaska on the Summer Solstace. I am pretty sure that I want to run a couple of halfs - definitely the Salt Lake City and the Provo Half. There will also be some smaller races in there as well, as money and time permits.

3. get back onto my bike: I have no aspirations of becoming this girl, so I think I'll wait until spring, but I want to get back onto the bike. At one point in my life, I did a lot of mountain biking. Now that the kids are getting older, I need to get back out there.

4. get out of debt: unless we win the lottery or a rich relative dies and wills us a fortune, it is pretty much a dream to get completely out of debt. But I'd like to work each month to get further ahead in my financial goals.

5. keep up on my laundry: I'd like to get dressed in my closet every morning, not the laundry room. 'nuff said.

Ok - I'd better stop there, so as to keep things realistic. I don't think any of these goals are too lofty - most are attainable with a little effort. Anyone with similar resolutions wish to be my "cyber buddy"? A little friendly competition keeps things fun.


carrie christensen said...

I love your resolutions!! Jason and I are starting the Body for Life thing TODAY. ha ha I need to lose 60 I'm jealous of your 20. I WISH I had just 20 pounds to lose. Having my babies really did a number on my body....ha ha Oh well, totally worth it. I'm really impressed with your running!! It's something I wish I could do.... Running has ALWAYS kicked my butt. Maybe I'll have to try it again.... Your girls are absolutely darling, and I love that you and Ben played XBOX, like us, to ring in the New Year!! Hasn't life changed?? ha ha I'd love it if you want to share any exercising tips with me, as to what has worked for you.... I need all the help I can get!! :o)

Jan said...

I love your list -- and you have set goals that are totally achieveable. I too need to get back in the exercise routine - my goal is to be back on the elliptical starting by Feb. 1 at the latest. Yay for you - -I can be a weight-loss cheerleader as at one point in my life, there was literally 2 of me. (I guess I've lost a person!) You can do it!

Christie said...

Carrie - I'll have to post an entry about what I'm doing. I'm no exercise guru, but I think I have some tips to help a busy mommy. And Jan - you're so thin now. I never would have guesses. I'd love to hear how you did it too! I'll bet you have some wonderful pointers.

Tiburon said...

All fantastic resolutions! Woo woo!

Kristina said...

Hiya! Yeah... housing prices are stupid where we are. They skyrocketed about 2 years ago. Things are beginning to settle now, but for awhile it was hard to find something and if you found something there were usually several offers on it. Things are much cooler now and no one wants to move in January so we won't be paying anywhere near the asking price on that place. It's been on the market for 75 days... they can come down quite a bit!!

Then add in that 35% of our employment is in our downtown and suddenly anything close to downtown is expensive and old. This community is a bit of a mix, the house we want was built in 1983 or around there somewhere. So it's not brand new, but it's not really old either. I really like it - now we just need to buy it!!

Good luck with your resolutions! I know you can do it :). TTYL

Chelsea said...

We welcomed 2008 with Xbox too! Are we nerds or what? :D

I love your resolutions - a lot of mine are similar. Especially keeping up with laundry.

Julia said...

I did the Provo 1/2 a couple of times back when I had two working feet. I love that run. The laundry goal...ugh! I just hate laundry so much, but I wish you much luck! :)