Thursday, January 10, 2008

A bad omen?

(this post is a bit old, and for some reason I never posted it)
I am such nerd. I love perfect numbers, and so when my car was close to hitting this milestone, I carried my camera in my car for about a week hoping to snap a picture. I was worried the big event would happen while Ben was at the wheel, and it would go by unnoticed as he doesn't grasp the significance. But no, lucky me, I got to witness this momentous event. I pulled to the side of the road (I didn't want to be a traffic hazard you know) and snapped a pitcure. I am a bit sad that its blurry, but it was dark outside.

One may wonder where I was heading, and whether or not 66666 would be a bad omen. Well - I was on my way to Instacare with Gracelin. True to form, she started feeling sick on Friday afternoon, and after a sleepless night dealing with a fever of 103, I decided she probably needed to see the doctor. So, I ran her to Instacare (luckily its really close). I was relieved when the doctor told me she had strep and an ear infection (her tubes have fallen out for a second time - ugh!!), and I made a comment to the (female) doctor that I was grateful she had something easy to treat, and not a virus.

I am sure that every parent reading this will understand me. I mean, who wouldn't rather have a simple infection where I can give my child some antibiotics and she'll be better quickly. Isn't that much better than a "virus" where who knows when they'll be feeling better, and who know what you can do to make them feel better. If my child is going to be sick, I'll take something I can cure with medicine any day.

But, apparently I'm a stupid idoit (or so that doctor would like to make me think). Following my off-handed comment, she proceeded to give me a 5 minute lecutre on the dangers of strep - throat absess, scarlet fever, blah blah blah. I stopped listening pretty quickly. I'm an intelligent person - I know there are rare complilcations to strep, but usually when they go untreated.

Still, I'll take it over a mystery "virus" any day.


Savage Family said...

Christie you are so funny about your numbers! I like to make a big deal to when I see something like that but, I don't take a picture ha ha! 66666 is a pretty scary number!

I hope your daughter is doing better!

Jan said...

I have to say that there is a fair bit of Adrian Monk in me (do you watch Monk?). i'm with you on the numbers thing -- and lots of others, I'm afraid!!

Lynita said...

Okay so I also notice numbers, I always point them out to Ryan and vice versa. But I think that the doctor/nurse should ease up I mean she must have had a bad day. Any mother knows that if you can give a kid something that gets them better and not contageous in just 24 hours its way better than a 2 week long virus accompanied by whining and sleepless nights! Believe me before Kaitlyn got her tonselectomy she was sick 12 times in 9 months with a virus, and it sucked hard core! Seriously Doc. get over yourself, all moms want is for their kids to be healthy ASAP! I am totally with you on this subject Christie, so don't feel bad about your comment, it was COMMON SENSE!

Anne Marie said...

That's funny that you took a picture of the numbers! And I TOTALLY agree with you on the virus thing. That is the absolute worst to go to the doctor and hear, "it's just a virus, it has to run its course..." How many times have I heard that. I took Abby in last week and she had the whole virus thing BUT she also had an ear infection, so she got antibiotics and it made me feel good to at least be doing something for her, as silly as that is!

Erin said...

When we first moved to Utah, our license plate was 666 something. The lady at the DMV asked us if that was okay or if we wanted the next one. It was pretty funny. But looking back on it, maybe it was a bad thing. That car got hit 4 times (twice in parking lots) and it was totalled out twice. We did make a lot of money off of the insurance companies though.

And I totally agree with you on the virus vs bacterial. If a day on meds can bring my kid back--gimme that!

carrie said...

I totally agree with you.... I HATE to take my kids in to see the doctor, and they don't do anything to help them. You don't know HOW many times I've heard that dreaded virus speech. (including the time Jaxon ended up having to be HOSPITALIZED) I'm so glad I listened to my "inner voice" that particular time and kept taking him in. Yikes..... I love your posts, Christie. You ARE so intelligent....and such a good writer.

Kari said...

I love that you took a pic of the odometer. That's totally something I do to - I love when numbers match up or do funny things like that.

I laughed about your 'lecture' from the doctor. I hate doctors and never go unless I'm bleeding to death or a bone is exposed. Gareth, on the other hand, goes to the doctor the minute he has a cough or sneeze that isn't 'normal.' My reasoning is, why pay the doctor visit when I know they are going to tell me I'm sick and need to drink fluid and stay off my feet? When I'm sick I'm smart enough to figure that out!!