Friday, January 18, 2008

12 hours in photos

This post is inspired by Jill in Alaska and my new camera. Here's 12 hours of my day yesterday.7am - The day started with my weigh-in for the biggest loser contest. I was down 3 pounds this week - yay me. I moved up to 10th place in the contest. Hot, skinny mama here I come.
The girls and I had breakfast, and then made our beds.
Bryn spent lots of time on her potty seat. She's doing pretty well for an almost 2-year-old - she peed twice last week. And she asks to go (although usually she asks as she's going in her diaper - but she's learning).
At 8am it was time for our weekly trip to the grocery store.
Who said grocery shopping isn't fun?

9 am - Gracelin went to play at a friend's house for the rest of the morning, so Bryn resorted to playing like a dog. For some reason she LOVES playing in the dog kennel - can't figure out why though. ITs so gross in there.
Then, she played with Burton the snow dog (appropriately named)
She helped me do the laundry, laundry, and more laundry.
Then Bryn helped me to make some chipotle-style salsa . . .
. . . and helped me eat it. Yummy.

12 pm - G's back home now and has a few mintues to play "Bella" with her sissy before lunch.
1 pm - Another tantrum for "angel" Bryn. Must be nap time.
Both girls took 3+ hour naps. I actually woke them up so they'd be tired at bedtime.
Nap time = treadmill time. Then shower time. Then dinner for the kiddoes ( was running late so I neglected my picture taking)
7 pm - The day ended with a girls' night out - dinner with some of my good friends while daddy stayed home with the kids. What a nice way to end the day.


pithydithy said...

Very fun-- thanks for sharing! The girls are so cute. Your new camera, btw, is the same as mine, which I like a lot.

The Gatherum Family said...

Looks like a fun day-Your girls are darling. You should post your salsa recipe, it looks delicious and I would love it!

Lynita said...

Okay so if I tried this I don't think it would look so productive or you would see huge gaps! I like this idea, maybe I will give it a try!

carrie said...

Christie...I loved this post!! What a cute idea!! I have to tell you that your salsa looks wonderful....You'll have to share the recipe!! (I can actually eat salsa on my diet...ha ha) Bella plays with that same Belle doll. Your girls are adorable. They're going to love those toilet pictures someday. ha ha I remember taking some of Matthew for his scrapbook ...and he is absolutely mortified when we look at it now. Hope you guys had a great weekend!! Anne Marie had me look at the Pioneer Woman's blog, off of yours, and I am dying over her recipes. Amazing.... :o)

Jan said...

Sounds like a blast! Loved reading about your day -- and especially ending with your friends and a girls night out. Nothing wrong with that!

Chelsea said...

What a great day! Except for the treadmill part. :D

Anne Marie said...

I love this post! I think it is so fun to hear about what other people do all day. And your pictures are way cute.