Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yarn love

I'll admit it: when my 7-year-old asked me to make her a doll blanket, and I allowed her to pick the yard, I hated her choice. I thought it was ugly (truth be told). But, keeping to my word, I allowed her to purchase it, and I set out to make her a blanket for her doll.

As I got going though, I realized that while it was never something I would choose, the yard was so pretty. It is fun and colorful, and totally matches her personality. Of course, I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I absolutely love the pattern - and I love that both sides of the blanket are completely the same. It is also much softer and loser than most crochet patterns, so it makes a great blanket. I actually think this would make a cute baby blanket.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! It would be a great baby blanket - or even bigger for that teenager who loves all things bright. As a quilter, I'm always amazed at how much the look of a quilt pattern can change just by changing the color of a single fabric. And sometimes, the 'ugly' fabrics make the most beautiful quilts!