Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

I was lax with my picture taking this year. I only took about a dozen pictures this Christmas (not including pictures of my craft projects). Typically my family feels like they're being followed by the paparazzi because I'm taking so many pictures. I'm not sure what was wrong this year. I just wasn't feeling it. . .

I did manage to get a few pics tho:

I love that G has tears in her eyes in every picture. She was so grateful for everything that she cried. The girls each only got 3 presents from mom and dad (including the American Girl dolls they got from Santa). G got a camera from mom and dad, and a photo album from her sister. She took lots of pictures - and most of them are better than you would expect from a 7-year-old. Maybe that is why I didn't feel like I needed to take any.

We've all had the stomach flu too - G and daddy were taken out on Christmas Day (second year of a tradition that I do not want to continue) and Bryn and I a couple of days later.

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