Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 6?? weigh-in

Total weight loss: 3.4 pounds

I know its much more than week 6. I've missed a couple of weeks. I was in California last week, and that is my excuse (at least for last week). It too seems pointless to post such measly numbers. I know that I should be happy - that a loss is a loss - but it is discouraging when I still have 15.6 pounds to lose. At this rate, it will be over a year until I reach my goal.

I am doing things right - most of the time anyway. Today I burned 550 calories for my workout, and considering the fact that I worked a 12 hour day, I'm proud that I was able to fit in a workout. I also ate approximately 1500 calories. And that is a pretty typical day . . . I should be a hottie by now.

I'm thinking that I'll start doing monthly weigh-ins, on the first of every month. Then maybe the pounds will be more impressive.

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