Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 5

Week 5 weight loss: 2.0
Total weight loss: 3.4

So, I've skipped a couple weeks. It isn't that I haven't weighed in, its just that I can't ever seem time to post any more. I actually weighed on Sunday too - after 2 days of birthday debauchery, I knew it wouldn't be pretty. So, I'm counting Sunday's weight.

Things have been ok. I'm kind of reaching the point in my "journey" where I am not seeing the scale move fast enough, and I get discouraged. Its the cycle that I've found myself caught up into for the past 5 years. Its just that I love food. . . too much.

I did have a huge personal victory last week. As long as I've been running, there is a certain long hill that I've been trying to run up. And last week was the first time that I have run all the way up the entire hill without having to take a walk break. It was a HUGE accomplishment. So, even if I'm not the skinniest girl out there, it is empowering to know that I am becoming more healthy and fit.

Maybe the skinny will come later . . .

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Omgirl said...

Ya, that right there is the whole trouble with dieting: It's that you can't do it forever. Eventually food just wins. Exercise is the only way out. Because if you can force yourself to exercise enough, you can at least eat good food sometimes. (Too bad exercise SUCKS!)