Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being a stay at home mom

Just for this week, I'm a stay at home mom. Next week, I have to go back to work. But this week, its all about fun and frolic. Its only Wednesday morning, and check out what we've done already:

Painted Christmas ornaments
My laundry is caught up (usually there is a large pile of clothing in this area)
We've played dress-up
Decorated cookies inspired by the Pioneer Woman
Made our annual gingerbread house

I've been working on some hand-made Christmas presents
I've also cooked healthy meals - this one is whole-wheat pasta, low fat alfredo sauce, and grilled chicken.
We've made more cookies - these are yummy butter cookies.
And, of course G has gotten her homework finished before dinner every night. I've also had a good workout every day (gotta burn off all the cookie sampling I've been doing). Its been fun, and I love it! I wish I never had to go back to work. :( Oh well . . . I'll just have to enjoy it while I can.


Jen said...

Butter cookies are my favorite, you have to share the recipe PLEASE!!!! I love the pictures, but you arent in any of them, I was wanting to see you in dress ups! Maybe next time. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Koreena said...

What a busy bee you've been! How fun for your girls to get to spend all that time with you. Glad you're having a good time, too!

Anonymous said...

You got through the laundry pile? Even the summer clothes? WOW!

Chelsea said...

You are much more productive as a stay at home mom than I am. Those are gorgeous cookies, they wouldn't last 5 minutes at my house!

Julia said...

wow you would be the best SAHM. I get all motivated the night before but then end up spending all day in pajamas and checking blogs/facebook.

Omgirl said...

I bet that was the best week of their life! So much fun stuff!!

Lynita said...

Wow you are good at the stay at home mom thing, too bad it isn't permanent! Looks like your girls were in heaven!