Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Pictures

I didn't do Christmas cards this year. But, really, who am I kidding? I never do Christmas cards. I at least try and do some type of "virtual" card though - something. But not this year. So, in a lame attempt to catch people up on our lives, here's the highlights of 2009. My favorite thing about each month:


January was cold and snowy. On New Years Day, we decided to go sledding as a family. We picked what we thought was a small, safe hill. There was only one tree at the bottom and the hill was just big enough to be fun for the little kids. Unfortunately, Brynlee's sled found the tree. She hit so hard that it knocked her boots off - her face was bloody and she wouldn't open her eyes. Defintely a scary moment. We spent the majority of New Years Day in the ER getting her check out. Luckily, because she had a hat and her hood on, her head was ok.


February was also cold and snowy. Really, not much happened other than Brynlee turning three. I cannot believe my "baby" is so big. She was potty trained right before her birthday too. And she is such a princess. I cannot imagine life without Brynlee - she brings the comedy to our family, as she is always making a joke. She's also compassionate, loving, musical, and really bright.


March was definitely a fun month, as we took a family vacation to Orlando Florida. We were able to spend several days at Walt Disney World and a couple more days at Sea World. The girls LOVED Disney. Gracelin is a daredevil, and went on every ride that she was tall enough for - including Tower of Terror seven times in a row. The only reason she stopped riding, is because the park was closing. Poor Brynlee was literally a hair too short to ride the majority of rides, and really felt left out. I suspect that we'll be making another trip at some time in 2010 to remedy that. The girls are wonderful travellers - even when we took the red-eye flight, and went straight from the airport to the parks. They didn't miss a step.


Easter came in April this year, and as part the festivities, we spent a rainy afternoon at the Easter Festival at Wheeler Farm. The yucky weather didn't deter anyone - the kids thought it was lots of fun to be able to actually use an umbrella (it doesn't rain much here). Other than the giant creepy Easter Bunny that followed us around, it was great.


May finally brought nice weather, and the chance to finally get outside. We decided to start a tradition of Saturday family hikes (I think we only actually went this one time though). Brynlee is still a bit young for anything strenuous, but Gracelin is a hiker. She just loves being outside, and is so athletic.

In June, is the annual Lehi Round-Up celebration. And since Lehi is my second home (thanks to my job), it is almost an obligation to attend the festivities. The girls love it though - dressing like cowgirls and going to the rodeo is right up their ally.

In July, we took a vacation to Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. We travelled with Grandma and Grandpa, as well as some aunts, uncles, and cousins. We all stayed in a condo at Teton Village, and had a great trip. It brought us the chance to do some hiking, swimming, shopping, and to spend an evening at the Bar-J Wranglers. More cowboy stuff - the girls were in heaven.

In August, Gracelin started kindergarten. She was totally ready, and so excited to be in school. She's really excelled too - she's reading well and making lots of new friends. G is such a bright and amazing girl - and she's so well-behaved. She's content to sit in the shadows, until she's doing something physical. She's learned to ride a 2-wheel bike this year. She played soccer and scored several goals. She's taking gymnastics, and can do some amazing things (especially on bars, her favorite). She's even taken up ice skating. I think that 2010 will be the year she learns to snow ski.

September was a quiet month. We spent our days getting used to having a school-age kid, while balancing gymnastics, soccer, and homework. Life is so busy.

October my favorite month - not because of Halloween, but just because I love the shorter days and the changing leaves. The kids love Halloween though, and I was even a good sport this year - I dressed up for them. G and I were both witches, and Bryn made a last minute costume change - from a "glampire" to a ballerina. She is such a girl.

Thanksgiving was spent at the Fairbourn's this year (we take turns). It was a small group, but it was still perfect. We are so grateful and blessed.


Which brings us to December - Christmas. What a fun Christmas we had this year. The girls, who are 3 and 5, are the perfect age. They really "got it" this year, but it is still magical for them. It has been such a great year for us - of course, we've had our "ups and downs", but we are richly blessed. Here's to 2010 - an even greater year.


Omgirl said...

Could your girls BE any cuter??? (NO! They are fantastically good looking children!)

Anonymous said...

We never do Christmas cards either or even any sort of virtual card, mainly because we're lazy. You forgot to mention your new hairdo which I thought was the highlight of the year.

tiburon said...

Looks like you had one heck of a year!

LOVE the pictures.

And LOVE seeing you posting again :)

Koreena said...

What a great way to recap. Your girls are so adorable, as always!