Monday, October 06, 2008

More kid funnies

Sometimes I wonder what I did for entertainment before I had kids. Their little minds come up with the funniest stuff. Take for example, the following conversation I overheard the other day between G and her older, school-aged friend as they were coloring Hello Kitty pictures:

Friend: I met a real cheerleader at school today
G: Wow. Why did they come to your school?
Friend: They were teaching us about the D.A.R.E program
G: What is D.A.R.E?
Friend: Its where they teach us to just say "NO" to drunk

There was also the story Bryn told our friends who came over to hang out on the same night:

Bryn: Mommy told me I'm not allowed to ride my bike in the road anymore. A car could hit me and I'd be a pancake. A yummy pancake. Can I have a cheeseburger?


Lynita said...

Yeah, my dad taught me just to say no to drunks too! LOL! I love the pancake thing too, I think they're yummy too!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

LOL!! Just Say No to Drunk!! I love it. :) Sweet that she does not want you to be a pancake...or a cheeseburger? :)

Kriss said...

I want to be a follower but it won't let me. :( -kriss

carrie said...

I love reading things like this.... Your girls are hilarious. Your little Bryn would be my best friend, I think. :o) I always end up thinking about cheeseburgers, too. hee hee

Omgirl said...

I love that yummy pancake comment!!

Holly said...

hehe. what would we do without em?

Chelsea said...

Sounds like Bryn has a one-track mind. She and I would get along very well. :D

Koreena said...

Your kids always say the funniest things. They crack me up!