Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why I'm weird and just a little bit crazy

I like hard work.  I know I'm strange - but I love putting my all into something, and reaping the benefits.  Maybe that is why I'm such an exercise junkie.  I love feeling like I totally pushed myself - getting all tired and sweaty - and then taking a shower.  And to me, there is nothing more exciting than feeling myself get stronger and fitter every day.
I remember a few months ago, my sister and I went to the gym.  My goal that day was to run a mile on the treadmill, which I did, but I was sore and miserable for about a week afterwards.  Now running a mile on the treadmill is just a warm up.
So far this month, I have run 72 miles.  I'm so proud of myself.  Since today is the last day of the month, I plan to run tonight, so my total will be up to 75 miles this month.  My goal for next month is 90 miles.  I think I'm addicted - not so much to the running itself (because frankly, quite often it hurts while I'm doing it) but definitely to the "runner's high" afterwards.  Its such an amazing feeling to have completed a long run feeling strong.  And, I'm so proud of myself for avoiding injury thus far.
I do think that my ice baths help to keep me from injury.  After my long runs, I sit in the bathtub and run the coldest water possible.  Once the water has barely reached the top of my thighs, I dump in all the ice from my ice maker.  Then, I sit and shiver as the ice melts.  I probably spend about 20 minutes total in the ice water.  I know I sound crazy, but it really keeps me feeling good.  After the runs where I ice bath, I'm rarely even sore or stiff the next morning, whereas when I skip the ice bath I's usually sorry.
So, ya.  I am weird and probably more than a little bit crazy.  But at least my obsession is healthy and good for me.  Maybe one day I'll even have a runner's body.

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