Monday, July 23, 2007

3 year old wisdom

In effort to become a better blogger (I've sucked at it lately, truth be told) I've decided to update a bit on my kiddos. Starting with Gracelin. She's so funny lately, and I really don't want to forget anything about her. So, this post is dedicated to her and her 3 year old mind. Just as a warning: it may be a bit fragmented and disjointed. So please bear with me.

The other day, G told me the difference between mommies and daddies: daddies have hair on their tummies and mommies do not. I had a good, hard laugh at that one.

After helping me upload the pictures from our cabin trip this weekend onto my lap top, G announced that "I looked really good in that outfit". I think she's becoming a diva!

She has become the girl of one million questions. I'm not exaggerating that fact either. She loves to ask questions about anything and everything. The other night, an exasperated Daddy asked her why she has so many questions. Her response: I'm just a talker! She sure is.

Gracelin loves to comb my hair, and she is gentle enough that it feels really good. So, she does my hair a lot. The other day while doing my hair, she proclaimed that I was looking so pretty, that Daddy was going to come home and kiss me and want to make a baby boy with me. G really wants a brother, and takes every opportunity to remind me.

She also follows me around, everywhere I go throughout the house. Yesterday as I was hurriedly trying to get stuff together to get out the door, she was constantly at my heels. I think I tripped over her 6 or 8 times. I didn't say anything to her, but she could tell I was frustrated. We got into the car, and she said to me: When I have a little girl, I'm going to let her follow me around, because I will love her. It made me feel really sad to hear that - I love her too. I guess I need to work on patience.

G is such a good sister. She loves Bryn so much, and is very kind and gentle with her. I love watching them together, as Bryn loves her sister just as much. G is always hold Bryn's hand, and helping her out. She will softly touch her face, and tell her: "I love you my little chubby", which is a bit funny, as Bryn is not that much littler than G. But it is so cute and sweet.

I can't ever stay upset with G. Her kindness and sweet personality is too overpowering. And she feels so bad when I'm upset that she does everything she can to fix things. She is such an obedient and well-mannered child (she won't even eat without a napkin). I am blessed to be her mommy.

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Tiburon said...

That is so sweet. Kids say the darndest things!