Tuesday, February 01, 2005

9 month birthday update

Gracelin turned 9 months old yesterday – her babyness is ¾ of the way over. It is really sad to me – she’ll be a toddler before I know it. Some days I miss the little baby. She’s so much fun now, but it is rare that I can get her to cuddle. She is getting to be such a big girl. Gracie loves to eat, and really the only food she doesn’t like so far has been peaches. She’s also getting ready to crawl – she’ll leap forward from sitting onto her hands and knees, and sit there rocking back and forth. I’m sure its just a couple more weeks before she’s all over the place. Already she’s so busy, and I’m afraid its only going to get worse in the months to come.

Something has happened to my good little sleeper though – she’s up at least once (but usually twice) during the night all of a sudden. After months of sleeping though the night, I have to hope this is only a phase that passes soon. I’m exhausted. My sil told me that she ready it is typical for babies to adjust their sleeping around 7-9 months old, as they are developing so much right now. We have also been trying to teach her sign language. She’s learning milk and eat right now. Apparently babies can learn to communicate through sign before they can talk. I do think she’s going to talk early though. She doesn’t just indiscriminately babbly anymore – she has definite sounds (if not complete words) for several objects. She’s got “words” for daddy, mommy, bye-bye, bottle, and uh-oh. She’s such a cutie!

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