Wednesday, January 26, 2005

TMI about my nether-regions

What is it about childbirth that completely destroys your body? I was totally fine before I pushed her out, but now I've got all sorts of problems. The worst one: hemorrhoids. They didn't show up until I acutally gave birth, but it seems now they are here to stay. And that was 9 months ago. I've been too embarassed to go to the butt doctor so I've been suffering. Every time I poop, I cry and bleed. I know I should break down and go to the doctor, but I'm too embarassed. Finally, last weekend I talked to my mom about that. She had the same problem after giving birth and she told me what to do. (Warning: extreme TMI). When in the shower/bath, you soap up your finger and push them back in. Apparently sitting around with your finger up your butt can be productive. It is actually working. Today I didn't bleed at all when I pooped! Yay!

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