Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Runner girls

My poor neglected blog . . . I can't decide whether to try and catch up, or just move on. I miss blogging - it is really the only journal that I keep. But the past year of my life has been the hardest ever. There are things going on that I cannot being to publish for all of cyberspace - difficult things, extremely personal things. Its made it difficult to blog because its far too personal. I've considered going private, or even starting a second blog, because I do think I need to write my feelings down in order to process everything.

Oh well . . . In the mean time, check out my cute girls:

They ran a race over the weekend - a one-mile fun run. I am proud of how well they both did. They were in an age group that went all the way to age 11, and G got 6th place. Bryn got 8th, and she ran a 14 minute mile. That's pretty good for a 4 year old dontcha think?
I also planted some foxglove this year. I've always wanted to experiment with it, but its always so expensive. Not this year - I found it for only $1. And I think I'm in love.


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Look at your little running girls! That is really wonderful. I wish I had done races when I was younger...would have joined the running bandwagon sooner :)

I am sorry about your tough year. I too have so many things I don't write because my blog is currently public. I will switch it to private when kiddos come along I think...if I can keep up with it! Hang in there and thanks for the update. Great photos!

Lynita said...

Those girls are just too much fun! I am impressed, I don't think I could even run a mile at this point! I am sorry you are having a tough time right now, I understand what you mean about the blog. I have neglected mine too, because I feel like nobody will want to read my blog if I share it all. Just know that most of us would give support, that I am sure you could use. Keep your chin up, it will get better... eventually.

Jen said...

Your girls are cuter than ever! Sorry it's been a hard year...those years suck. Definitely find a place to write about it.

carrie said...

Your girls are just adorable. I've missed reading your blog...and I've missed writing on my own. I can relate to your feelings of things being "too personal". I have felt the same way. I hope things are OK w/you though! I miss reading all your great stories. xoxo

Koreena said...

Sorry it's been such a rough year for you. It was fun to see you the other day. That's awesome that your girls are such great runners! I'm impressed!