Friday, June 12, 2009

White trash weekend

Lest anyone be offended, let me first clarify that I am placing the "WT" moniker upon myself. And it does fit - let me tell you how well:

Last Saturday night, as a family we went to the Bluffdale Town Days demolition derby. Now, if you've never been to a demolition derby, you really should go. Where else can you eat all the deep fried junk food that you can fit in your beer belly, all while watching cars from the 1970s and 80s crash into each other. It really is entertainment that cannot be beat.

Can't you tell by the look of pure joy on our faces?Ok, here's a more joyous face:
We actually had lots of fun. The girls would pick their favorite car, and then cheer for it throughout the entire heat. The best heat, was the final, when there were two #6 cars. The girls even had the kids around us chanting "Num-ber SIX! Num-ber SIX!" And wouldn't you know it? First and second place went to both #6 cars. Amazing.

After the heats, the cars that couldn't drive on their own (most of them) would be hauled out by tow trucks. This is my favorite: the short bus. How fitting.
One of the best crashes of the night. This car actually drove up on the jersey barrier, and cracked the poor thing up.
This was the best crash of the night. The poor green car rolled on its side, and I think it actually came back in a later heat.

What up B?

(can you see the smeared deep-fried Kit-Kat on her face? and are you now asking yourself what in the *&^$ is a deep-fried Kit-Kat? Don't knock it till you try it)


Chelsea said...

My sister bought a deep fryer just so she could make fried Kit Kats and Snickers. YUM.

Wym said...

Try a deep fried snickers next time. Yum!

The Gatherum Family said...

hahahahahaha, I LOVE demolition derby's! We will be attending Riverton Town Days in 2 weeks! Such cute girls you have! What fun! LLLLOOOOVVVEEE livin' in the country for ALL the WT events eh?

On a side note, you ready for the WB NEXT weekend???? What is your start time?

Cadance said...

I love going to our "home town" demo-Derby...back in WA! They are A lot of fun...and Never had a deep fried kit-kat..but I DO love kit-kats!

carrie said... should have called us to go to that with you! That is right up my kids' alley! They love anything to do with crashing cars. :o) A deep fried Kit Kat, really?? I've never had a Kit Kat I haven't liked I'm sure I would love it. ha ha

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Oh my this looked like fun - for the company and food alone! :) Awesome!

Omgirl said...

I'm pretty sure that would be Beck's fondest dream, to see that. I'm not sure if the noise would bother him, though. Was it terribly loud?

Lynita said...

MMMMMmmmmm....fried chocolate! I love the demolition derby, so much fun! Good memories of the one we went to when we were in Willow Creek 8th. Glad you had fun, my kids would love it a little too much!

Anonymous said...

Jen wants to see one of these and if they have deep fried anything, I'll be there.