Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confession time

I've got to come clean:  it has been over 3 weeks since I've gone for a run.  I've wanted too, and I've thought about it often, but it just hasn't happened. Between having pneumonia and the mother-of-all-sinus infections (that made pneumonia feel like nothing) and then being on vacation, it just hasn't happened.  I tried to run Monday, but I just wasn't feeling it - so I setteled for 2 hours of walking on the dreadmill at an incline of 3.5.  I don't know what is wrong, but I'm just not "feelin' it".  My motivation is gone, and its starting to scare me.  I'm committed to a team relay in June, and I don't want to look like a fool.  I want to race.
I've been really struggling with my diet too.  Being on vacation was difficult, and I obviously cheated quite a bit, but now that I'm home, I still cannot find the will power to eat well.  I actually did fairly well yesterday until I got home.  I was starving, and as I was fixing dinner, I started snacking on some left over chocolates the girls had.  Before I knew it, the kids' candy was gone, and I'd moved on to left over Halloween candy.  It was stale and disgusting, but I ate 3 or 4 pieces before I stopped myself.  I've been afraid to even step on the scale - I'm sure I've gained, but I don't want to know.
Someone help me please!  How do I get my motivation back?


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I had a three week break from running too! When I got sick mid-December, I did not get back out on a run longer than a mile until the first part of January. It was hard, but the run after that was easier, only 3 miles. Then I did a five miler about 4 days later. I've only been running twice a week all winter - one short weekday one (3-5 miles) and one long Saturday one (5-12 miles). You can do it girl! Just start out with the goal to get moving. Funny how we never regret going on a run, huh?

I'd LOVE to run Chicago with you. The registration is open until mid-April. So far, about 30,000 have registered, and they have room for 45,000. Think about it! It would be great :)

Happy Wednesday!

Chelsea said...

Coming back from vacation is always hard for me on the diet and the exercise. And during winter weather, forget about it! I like the suggestion to just get moving - I know once I do it I'm always happy I did. I feel you on the no motivation thing though.

Lindsay said...

Welcome back from hell! So really, finding that motivation I think is the HARDEST thing! I have found it, but I couldn't tell you how. I think I just set a goal and knew that I could do it. Also the fact that summer is coming and I want to look like I haven't looked in years. Good luck - wish it was easier than that!

Lynita said...

You are speaking to the choir! The lack of motivation is the reason I have turned into a whale! I hope for your sake you can find your motivation... "You can do it!"

Kriss said...

I am dying to hear more about your Disney trip. Where did you eat??

Omgirl said...

I get in those ruts too. And you know what helps me? Getting in a bikini and taking a few pictures of myself. Try it, you'll be much more motivated after that.